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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush best SEO tool

A total package of SEO, SEM, Keyword research, content creation, site audit and many more services one can expect at best price. Nowadays the most valuable thing for all online marketer/blogger/agency was SEO. By using SEMrush today many digital marketers optimizing their sites and bringing more customers to their business.

Features of SEMrush
Features of SEMrush

This tool was started to find out the latest market trends, best industry practices, and competitor analysis. Two SEO enthusiast Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov started this company which sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscription.

Why SEMrush?

By using SEMrush many marketers analyze their competitor’s performance, what type of keyword, meta tags, contents length,  they are using. Then they correct or update all those things they require to do on their website. After using this online tool we will get a detailed report of our page, according to that, we will make changes to our website.

What way does SEMrush help us?

  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Bringing more visitors
  • Organic search result
  • Phrase match
  • Site audit
  • Content ideas

If you are totally new to SEMrush then I suggest you try the tool for your website/blog you will find many interesting things for your website/blog. When you register yourself for the first time SEMrush gives you 7 days free trial with full access or detailed report.

6 ways bloggers/website owners can use SEMrush

  1. When they start using SEMrush and enter their domain name they will come to see a detailed list of what all they can know about their website by using this online tool. They can know the current status of their page and can compare with competitor’s site too.
  2. By using SEMrush a blogger can do detailed keyword research and they will get an idea that what things they need to write and how?
  3. A marketer should always know about their competitor’s position or tricks so by using SEMrush a marketer will come to know all the missing things in his own site which make him lose some traffic. We can bring that traffic to us by putting those things and updating our blog/website.
  4. As a blogger or website owner, we always need to update our site for better page ranking. To get a better page ranking we always need to do keyword research and for this, we need the help of SEMrush. It gives us a detailed idea about keywords and content length etc.
  5. We always need to track our records like (page rankings, bounce rates, exit rate, etc.) all these tracks should be done regularly so that we can know that what all changes we need to do or what all updates we need to get more traffics. SEMrush will do all these things by adding google search console and google analytics to its tool.
  6. The most important thing I can find as a blogger was it shows us the error part also where it was effecting our on-page SEO or ranking. This analysis really helps a blogger which may us in a long turn.

Currently, if you are a blogger and you are not using this well-known tool SEMrush then you may be missing many things like:-

  • Competitor analysis
  • Domain position tracking
  • Site audit
  • Error report (very important)

You may use some different tools for all these but SEMrush is a tool which brings all these in one place and gives you a detailed report.

It also tells us what may work for you to rank higher, helps in bringing more traffic, targeting specific keyword using by our competitors. So definitely it will helpful for us if a detailed report with all in one at one place.

What is SEMrush courses and exams?

SEMrush as a well known online marketing platform it has it’s own courses also which are totally free. We can enroll in SEMrush courses and exam for free and after finishing them you can give the exam and get a certification which you can add to your CV/ career.

All the courses have detailed videos and some notes. Which helps to know depth about the SEO/SEM and many more all you need is the focus and finish the course as well as the exam.

SEMrush Pricing

As a well-known brand in the online service provider which gives us a total package (SEO, SEM, Target keywords, Site audit etc) it charges a anount for all users which worth every penny.

In its pricing segment there are 4 parts:-

  1. Pro
  2. Guru
  3. Business
  4. Enterprises
SEMrush Price comparison
SEMrush Price comparison

According to SEMrush, 64% of its users choose the GURU pricing model for their online marketing.

Pro model is for freelancers, bloggers, any startup business or small business, and for those who have a very low budget for their business.

If you need to make a customized plan for your business that also can be made by them. You can contact them and ask to customize plan as per your requirements.

SEMrush reveiw as per me

SEMrush is the most versatile tool you can find for your blog/website. It will give you a full analyzed report on your website/blog. If you are a new user then you can also get 30 days trial period. SEMrush gives a detailed SEO review on your site so that you can update the error part. It gives you access to your competitor activity so that you can counter them by putting those keywords to your blog. If you want to improve your search traffic then this is the tool for you.

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