Royal Brothers | Bike trip from Bangalore on Weekend

In this article, you will find out some tips and tricks about how to pre-book your favorite bike in Bangalore which is the third-most populous city in India.

As we all know Bangalore is getting more traffic nowadays but at the same time at the weekend the traffic is very less compared to weekdays. So a perfect time for bike riders to explore Bangalore with a group of friends when there is less traffic. 

To make your trips memorable and safe with your friends you can rent a bike in Bangalore. As we know there are so many options in front of us when it comes to renting a bike. When we rent a bike there are different T&C from every rent provider. So as per our trip requirement like how much far we are going? How much CC bike we need? Does the bike maintain properly? All these things matters which will make our trip memorable and perfect.  

6 early morning places you can explore from Bangalore

  • Mysore
  • Ooty
  • Nandi hills
  • Turahalli forest viewpoint
  • Kanva Dam
  • Sunrise at hebbal Lake

All these are early morning view places and you need to start early to reach there before the sunrise. Get up and get ready from 4 A.m. to be there on time. Before you start your ride check you rented bike’s tyre, petrol and lights are in good condition or not. On a long road trip, we never want some problems to stop our ride. As all the roads are not in good condition you may face off-road rides which need proper bikes health otherwise you will be in trouble.

If you have a long weekend and planning something really far then you have lots of options from Bangalore. Easily you can cover 1-2 places in these long weekends.

Places to travel on long weekends from Bangalore

  • Coorg (276k.m.)
  • Coonoor (285k.m.)
  • Madikeri (265k.m.)
  • Chikmagalur (244k.m.)
  • Bhemeshwari (105k.m.)
  • Srirangaptna (125k.m.)

When you are planning your trip at a long weekend you need to be proactive to get your favorite bike and color at the best price which will be affordable for you. As in Bangalore most of the time in the weekend every bike rentals are fully booked. When you see SOLD OUT pop-ups on your favorite bikes you may feel little low and you need to choose some other option. So please plan accordingly and book your bike before 10 days in advance.

Safety is the most important thing which was ignored by many riders. So as a bike rider you must carry rider suit to avoid chill winds at Bangalore, gloves, safety helmet, knee guards, sunglasses and a first-aid kit.

As a bike rider you must follow some basic group riding rules:-

  • Always look for your group members.
  • Warn each other if any potholes, speed breaker or slippery road is ahead by hand sign.
  • Carry some extra petrol, enough water for an emergency.
  • Maintain distance from your teammates to avoid accidents.
  • Follow the same route plan and follow your group.

To ensure a safe bike ride with a happy ending to it you need to book your bike and follow all the safety rules. The best bike will take you to a wonderful destination which is already set by you.

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