OYO ROOMS – A Budget hotel in India

In a place like India whenever someone wants to visit another place first he will think about a room where he/she can stay peacefully after a long tour, at the same time he needs the room should be in the budget, with all facilities. This is the most difficult part whenever we want to travel. How can I find a budget hotel with all the facilities? But this has become the simplest task for a traveler by OYO ROOMS.

OYO ROOMS plans its every room according to the traveler needs. They choose all the standard hotels with every facility and quality then they present that hotel for OYO ROOMS. All OYO ROOMS has spacious, well furnished, hygiene, with all modern facilities including free wi-fi, free breakfast, Air conditioner room, laundry, free parking, 24/7 security & cab service on special request and all these in affordable budget.

OYO ROOMS changed the meaning of budget hotels

We can never find a hotel with all the facilities and that too in our budget but that work has been simplified by OYO Rooms. The CEO and Founder Mr. Ritesh Agarwal of OYO Rooms. He started this to provide luxury and budgetary rooms to the traveler. Mr. Ritesh Agarwal who was known as the youngest entrepreneur at the age of 17. He was from Bissam Cuttack, Odisha. He also wrote a book at his young age called “Encyclopedia of Indian Engineering Colleges.” At his young age, he traveled a lot of paces and stayed at many hotels which helped him to find the issues which are faced by the travelers of India. Then he started a website through which he provided feedback to travelers about hotel stays but then he thought it was not the solution.


Nowadays whenever someone thinks about budgetary stay at outside home most of the time it’s OYO Rooms. At OYO Room the most important thing which makes customer visit again was Budgetary Rooms with all facilities, Competitive prices, Best customer support & User-friendly apps/website. OYO Rooms app was the very user-friendly interface through which customer can do everything starting from booking a room to cancel a room. They have the first in the market who started free early check-in service with some conditions. They don’t have any hidden cost or charges for all services provided by them.

As per news, OYO Rooms is going to acquire Freshmenu which is the startup of Cloud kitchen. Freshmenu only accepts online order as it has it’s own kitchen & Delivery system. OYO Rooms & Freshmenu both have a common investor – “Lightspeed Venture Partners”.

OYO Rooms has a big dream – It wants to become the worlds largest hotel chain.

OYO Rooms also entered in China, Saudi Arabia & Dubai. At China, OYO Rooms has only 1 year of operation but it has already in the top 10 hotels in China. Globally OYO ROOMS has reached over 4,58,000 fully controlled or franchised rooms with a realized value rum rate of $ 1.8 billion.

Facilities provided by OYO rooms

Some Important points why OYO Rooms becomes so special

OYO Rooms has a user-friendly app as well as the website. Where the customer can do everything they need ( From room booking to the cancelation of room.)

OYO Rooms has now come to Whatsapp too. They provide services on Whatsapp to the customer which is the most convenient platform for most customers.

OYO Rooms offers hassel free instant refunds for the customer & the payment is through paytm.

OYO Rooms also allows the customer to reschedule their bookings if there is a change in their plan.

OYO Rooms has now come up with hassle-free GST benefits for business travel which makes a business trip more simple.

As OYO Rooms wants to be the best in the hotel and hospitality industry, comes with OYO Homes for a great holiday experience.

According to an article in 2018, 80% more women are traveling to places because of OYO Rooms.

OYO Rooms are available near to every hospital and it will be hassle-free for all the people who want a long stay for any treatments.

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