Cafe coffee day (CCD) | India’s favourite hangout place

Nowadays when anyone thinks about coffee the first thing he can imagine is a red symboled inked with “CAFE COFFEE DAY”. in these days we can see a lot of cafes around us but cafe coffee day has its own brand name and value. As of now, it was the largest cafe chain in India.

They maintained their qualities of coffee which result in attracting more customers. CCD was started from a small village of state Karnataka called Chikmagalur. CCD first came to Bengaluru in 1996. Within 1996-2000, it has 22 outlets and from then till now they make a terrific growth with 1704 Cafe coffee day outlets.

Nowadays many people are preferring cafe coffee day for business meetings, interviews, birthday parties as well as hangouts also. They provide free wifi to the customer so that people can surf the internet and drink coffee too.

Cafe Coffee Day – VISION – “Experience beyond a cup of coffee”



CCD working in such a way that they need to be in customers mind in first place, whenever anyone can think for hangout, socialize, & any meetings. They don’t want the customer to think CCD is just like any other coffee cafe.

At Cafe coffee day one can find better food choices too not only coffee. They regularly adding delicious food items too to their menu. Most youngsters are preferring CCD as their priority to hang out or socialize.

Cafe coffee day is worked on 3 A’s – Affordability, Accessibility & Amazing value.

  1. Cafe coffee day always tried to provide the best option in food and beverage in their menu at an affordable price range.
  2. As youth wants a place to hang out and Cafe coffee day want to youth’s first choice so it needs to be in every corner of cities and states.
  3. Cafe coffee day make the customer think that it was the best place for any type of socializing. So for that customer has to feel value for every single penny they spent.

CCD has the second largest in selling desserts after chocolate fantasy. For its improvement in desserts, it goes to social platform Facebook and asks its customer that they need more fruits, chocolate or nuts on its desserts. In replies, it gets the obvious answer and that is chocolate. CCD also go to the digital platform to improve its quality and taste according to people’s taste.


Direct Competitor for Cafe coffee day:-

  • Barista
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Quicky
  • Local coffee shops (India Coffee House etc)

Indirect Competitors for Cafe coffee day:-

  • Mc Donald where a customer can get a burger with a coffee in similar price  what he can get in CCD.
  • Local tea joints like Chai point, local tea sellers are also the competitors for CCD.

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